Lion Club

The greatest sports club in the world.

MEET some of the greatest sportspeople in the world

EXCLUSIVE tickets to real-world sporting events

AIRDROPS of sports-related NFTs

We’re setting out with an ambitious goal to create the greatest sports club in the world.

We are huge proponents of the power of NFTs and community. We’ve been inspired by the creativity and community showcased by projects such as BAYC and Vee Friends. Our aim is to emulate these projects but with a sport focus. To this end, we’ve created the Lion Club: SportsIcon’s membership-only community.

The Lion Club is an exclusive community of sports lovers. There are 9,000 memberships available, and that’s all there ever will be. At 9,000 strong our community is larger than the crowds at many lower-division sporting events. Imagine the collective power of the Lion Club with 9,000 members.

The Lion Club membership auction sold out in just 10 hours — a testament to the passion and power of our community. Among other great benefits, members will be able to participate in Lion Club DAO currently under development. We’ll use this DAO to buy sports-related NFTs, real-world memorabilia, real-world sporting tickets and much more.

Some of the perks that Lion Club members enjoy include:

  • Zoom and AMA chats with some of the greatest sportspeople of all time. We’ve already had Luis Figo and Baron Davis take part, and more will be announced shortly.

  • In-person meetups with the greatest sportspeople of all time.

  • Airdrops of exclusive sport-related NFTs. VIP sporting event tickets. Real-world sport outings — we’ve already had three real-life meetups in a Lexus Suite at Madison Square Garden and a private box at Wembley Stadium, London.

  • Free entry to $ICONS Stadium to view NFTs in VR.

  • Private discord community channel.

  • Amazing perks in the sports metaverse through our partners and launchpad.

  • Access to more SportsIcon events.

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