Metaverse and Gaming Launchpad

The metaverse is expanding, and SportsIcon is positioned to grow with it. As NFTs find even more utility in our virtual lives, SportsIcon NFTs will also unlock incredible extra benefits for holders. Whether it’s displaying an historical moment on loop in your virtual home or accessing exclusive in-game benefits with our partners, our platform is built with an eye to the future.

Part of our expanded offering includes the SportsIcon launchpad — a place dedicated to launching blockchain-based sports games. Our partnerships already include blockchain games, and we hope to help grow this sector while increasing the market share and utility of sports NFTs. The SportsIcon community, and in particular the Lion Club, will have the opportunity to participate in these launches and to secure early-stage investments in a booming market segment.

Just as with NFTs, we’re positioned to be the bridge between sporting icons and the metaverse. With SportsIcon, getting involved in the virtual world is easy — we do all the hard work and help you every step of the way. And this is a future we believe in as well; the metaverse is only going to continue to grow, and with it will come incredible new opportunities unlike anything we’ve seen before. As it develops, SportsIcon will be the heart of the sports metaverse.

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