$ICONS Token

$ICONS is the native token of the SportsIcon platform. It can initially be used for NFT purchases, participation in the liquidity pool, staking, incentivization and governance. $ICONS will have several more use cases that will expand over time.

Although the SportsIcon platform is based on the Flow blockchain for the creation of NFTs, $ICONS is an ERC-20 Ethereum token and ported also to Binance Smart Chain. It is regulated by strong tokenomics that keep its supply and demand in check.

Holding $ICONS means:

  • Discounts on NFTs on the SportsIcon website.

  • Priority-access to drops for holders.

  • Exclusive access to athlete creator coins.

  • Participation in liquidity pools and staking.

  • Access to exclusive Telegram and Discord groups through our community membership program.

  • Access to exclusive Icon content.

  • Participation in launchpad sales.

  • Sports metaverse benefits.

  • Governance participation.

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