White Label Services

NFTs, metaverse, blockchain — these are the words that defined 2021 and those that will play a significant role in future businesses. Athletes, clubs and celebrities everywhere are beginning to tap into the potential these technologies have, but unfortunately they remain difficult to understand and use.

SportsIcon offers a white label NFT and metaverse onboarding process for athletes, clubs and managers anywhere in the world. We work with you to create an offering that your fans will love, and that you’re truly proud of. Because the SportsIcon team consists of experts in marketing and blockchain tech, and because we’re all passionate about sport, you can be sure that your entrance to this world not only goes off without a hitch but is also a significant event in your career.

SportsIcon offers:

  • White label NFT drop pages.

  • White label NFT marketplaces.

  • Unlockable permission-based experiences (PBEs) for NFT holders.

  • NFT art.

  • Cinematic-quality NFTs.

  • Creative and storytelling services.

  • Metaverse strategy.

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