Overview of SportsIcon

Based on the Flow blockchain, SportsIcon is an NFT and sports metaverse platform set to revolutionize sports fandoms by connecting people with their sporting heroes. We leverage: cinematic NFTs that represent the stories and journey of these icons; partnerships with clubs and athletes that give fans the opportunities to meet their heroes in real life; an exclusive sports game launchpad; and metaverse partnerships that expand the digital reach of fans everywhere.

We are building the world's leading platform for sports entertainment, knowledge transfer and digital collectibles. SportsIcon bundles athlete-curated insights into pivotal moments of their journey through immersive, artistic, inspirational NFTs and unlockable content that will drive a community of their passionate followers. Our ultimate goal is to create an ecosystem that will help fans get closer to their sporting heroes, so we’ve partnered with the greatest athletes of all time and will be partnering with even more different sports to turn their stories and moments into NFTs on the Flow blockchain.

One of our first Icons was Gianluigi Buffon: the goalkeeping sensation widely regarded as one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time, and by some as the greatest ever. Gigi released an NFT collection in partnership with SportsIcon, joining Roberto Carlos, the former Brazilian and Real Madrid full left-back and freekick maestro on our original lineup.

​​Upon main net launch, SportsIcon will be debuting Pre-Mint Passes for Romelu Lukaku, the most expensive soccer player of all time in accumulated transfer fees, and NFL icon Mike Vick, with their main drops to follow early in 2022. Joining them in the early SportsIcon lineup are Mexican football giants Los Pumas, wrestling pioneers CMLL ‘Lucha Libre’ and some more iconic names currently under wraps. Exclusive cinematic NFTs will showcase the Icon’s journey, historic moments in their careers, as well as their inspirations, motivations and skills.

SportsIcon is a community-driven platform where the voice of everyone will be heard, and people can make proposals and vote for changes on the platform based on the amount of $ICONS they hold.

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